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Spyware wont turn on... Help!


I have a Dell Laptop running McaFEE with windows 7.

My McFee is telling me my Spyware in off. When i turn it on it asks if i want to run a scan (for 3 seconds) then reverts automatically to saying the spywar eis off. It wonty let me turn on, it wont let me run a scan. I downloade dMcaFee virtual checker and this didnt fix it.  My session id is:34757688

What can i do to fix this?

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Re: Spyware wont turn on... Help!

Hi there,

Could you please check if the system date and time set right by clicking on the clock onto your right bottom on the screen.
Also , let us know some of the below information ;
Did you previously have / Do you currently have any other security software on the PC ?
Please update us with the version of your Virus scan and DAT version : Open security center > Click on About


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