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Speedy PC?

Speedy PC who call themselves a Microsoft Partner just did a rogue scan on my PC and claims there are over 11,000 errors/threats that need fixing.  However McAfee running a full real time scan found nothing!  Am I really secure???

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Re: Speedy PC?

A money making scam I would imagine.  Google searching that name produces quite a lot of results, mostly negative.

No security software is 100% guaranteed.  A lot is up to you - keep your machine totally up to date in all respects, even parts of it you may not use (Internet Explorer for instance if you use another browser), surf safely and don't download things from untrusted sources.

There are some hints on malware in the last link in my signature below.

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Re: Speedy PC?

From the company website :

Powered by ParetoLogic: As a ParetoLogic brand, SpeedyPC Software is entirely owned, developed and operated by ParetoLogic.

SpeedyPC are widely regarded as a rogue outfit peddling scareware. Their claims to be a Microsoft partner have been refuted by Microsoft and there is - or was - a class-action lawsuit outstanding against them in California for fraudulent misrepresentation. WOT gives them a bad rating and there is a statement that the company uses forum spammers to hype their products. If that is true they deserve all the condemnation they've been getting.


SiteAdvisor reviews  :

Norton Safeweb review :

Disparaged on Microsoft forums :

Class-action lawsuit :

Avoid this company like the plague. As for Paretologic, that's another case where the experienced reviewers trash them yet an astonishing number of one-time posters praise them to the skies. Go check them on WOT, SiteAdvisor, and Norton Safeweb.

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Re: Speedy PC?

In support of what both Ex-Brit and Hayton have posted about ParetoLogic and SpeedyPC, I checked the company out with the BBB.  The link to their report is shown below:

Astonishingly, the BBB (in Vancouver BC) is still giving the company an A+ rating!  Yet, in the past 12 months alone...there have been 48 complaints filed with the BBB against ParetoLogic. 

Re: Speedy PC?

Thank you for your helpful insight.

Re: Speedy PC?

Thanks for the helpful info.  Good luck!