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Slow startup and most tray icons disabled

Since updating from the 2009 version (which I NEVER had any problems with) the icons that are usually in the taskbar have disappeared. I usually have my printer, video card, sound card, internet, and finally McAfee. The only thing there now is McAfee and my printer. Updating drivers and enabling their tray icons make them appear again temporarily until I restart my computer again. I believe the new version of McAfee is doing this because I have Windows 7 installed on a separate partition with no McAfee, and all the tray icons are there. And like I said 2009 version never gave me problems.

Also starting up seems to be getting slower and slower every time. It was fine when I first upgraded but after installing an update not too long ago that required a restart. It now takes 5+ minutes from the welcome screen for windows to become usable. It used to take about 20 seconds, and the McAfee icon and splash screen would not appear for a few minutes. And since yesterday, my computer has failed to startup twice. I can get to the desktop, but I can't click anything or open task manager or the start menu. Moving the mouse over the taskbar turns it into an hourglass. Last time it did that I let it sit for an hour and came back, still unresponsive.

I've done some searching but I can't find anyone having this specific problem. Is there anyone here that has experienced this? Can anyone help me fix it?

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Re: Slow startup and most tray icons disabled

I'm having similar trouble.  When I logon to windows I have to wait for at least 2 minutes for McAfee to be up.

Everytime, right after I logon to Windows, I open Control Panel's Security Center and see that I have neither Firewall nor Malware protection for about 2 minutes. Since I am connected to the Internet via DSL when I start up my pc, does that mean I am open to attacks for 2 minutes?  I want to know, what can I do so that McAfee is the first thing running?

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