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Signature file and Anti-spam filtering content

Regarding McAfee Anti-Spam filtering content has not been updated for the last 7 days; and The detection signature file is between 8 and 29 days old.

1. Windows Vista 64-bit OS. 

   No other Virus Protection Software loaded.

   Windows Defender has been disabled.

   No Pop-ups, nothing new added AT ALL

   Internet Access is VERY SLOW dial-up (between 24.0 and 26.4 kbps)

2. First and foremost.  What exactly do those two errors mean?  I've spent weeks searching the McAfee help facility, using the Virtual Technician, searching the internet, and sending emails to McAfee to no avail.  With my internet connection, it took over 30 hours to install the software the first time.  I log in daily and just leave it for 5 hours so it can do the updates and sometimes that's not enough time.

3.  I've had this laptop 3 months, and it has NEVER been in the Protected status.  Only recently did the "detection signature file..." error message finally disappear.  But the Anti-Spam filtering content message remains and my computer is still unprotected.  Until I understand exactly what it means I don't want to take any action.  If I know that everything except anti-spam (for instance) is working the way it is, and that that is only related to junk mail, I'm okay with that.  If I select "ignore" just to get the McAfee icon to clear up and show my computer protected, what are the risks?

4.  Short of un-installing and re-installing, what else can I do?  And NO, DSL is NOT available in our area but I'm looking into either mobile or satelite internet.  I've read every thread I could find on these subjects, and that has taken days with my slow dial-up, but I never saw an answer as to exactly what these errors are and what are the risks if ignored.

Help, if you can

and thanks in advance

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Re: Signature file and Anti-spam filtering content

Hi birdsm,

Reason for the error messages:

1.Some Proxy servers are configured to require authentication with a username and password before allowing any network traffic through. While this is a valid configuration, the authentication requirement causes McAfee product downloads and updates to fail.When connecting to the Internet through a proxy, McAfee Updates displays No Update are available. As a result after 8 days, the McAfee protection status icon will be displayed in the system tray and when you open the security center you get the error as displayed : Your signature files are 8-29 days old.

2. And regarding Regarding McAfee Anti-Spam filtering content has not been updated for the last 7 days - Update Manager may be unable to update McAfee Anti-Spam if you access the Internet through a proxy server. If Anti-Spam fails to update under these conditions, McAfee SecurityCenter protection status will change from green to yellow.

Hence basically, being ain a dial up conection that is the reason it takes a long time to update the programs,before uninstaling and reinstalling we could try to update the programs once by checking the following;

1. Check whether the system clock is set right.

2. Check and delete if you have any other security software in C:/program files & common files.

3. Open IE click tools - click internet option , click content tab and check whether Content advisor is disabled

4. In the same window,Click connections - LAN settings and check proxy server is unchecked

3. Run  the update tool from and restart the computer

4. Check for updates 7 let the updates  complete s as the protection sstatus changes to a green check mark


Dinesh K

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Re: Signature file and Anti-spam filtering content

Thanks Dinesh K,

I did everything you suggested.  After I ran the update tool, I rebooted my PC, reconnected to the internet and ran "update" from the NcAfee icon in my task tray and the reply I got was the same reply that I get, nearly every time I force an update: "Your Programs are up to Date".  And I was still at Protection Level Yellow.  I spent several hours reading threads in Microsoft and using McAfee help and stumbled upon what might have been the problem. From Email & IM configure, I selected "advanced" under "Spam Protection is enabled" and noticed that "Update spam rules (in minutes)" was set to 120.  I changed that to 30, as recommended by McAfee, and as soon as I did that my Protection Status changed to Green.  BUT I'm not thoroughly convinced that that is what finally solved the problem because when I checked under "Anti-Spam" in the Installed Components, I noticed that

"Content Update" had changed from 1/12/2010 to 2/9/2010 5:26:31 PM  and I had made the rule change, and the protection status changed to green, at 10:20 PM.  My computer clock is accurate and I can't find a McAfee clock, so I don't know where the McAfee software gets it's date/times.

You did NOT answer one of my questions, which I really would like to know, for future use:  If I get these errors again, and can't immediately fix them, what is the Risk if I elect to "IGNORE" them?  Am I correct in thinking that Anti-Spam content is strictly about email content?  And, is the rest of the Security Software working (checking for worms, virus's, etc), or once there is one part of the Security Center not working does the whole thing shut down?

thanks again for help

One way or another, at least you got me back in the Green!!!!

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