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Server execution failed


I problem occured after my trouble with vb script: noway for opening media player.

The message is Server execution failed.

Is it similar to the vb engine problem i.e. a problem of registry caused by McAfee?

Is there a known solution?


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Re: Server execution failed

I doubt this has anything to do with McAfee and more to do with that registry cleaner you said you have used in your other thread.  See if it has a restore setting and reverse what it did.  Otherwise you are going to have to repair Windows and questions on that should go on a Windows forum.

However, as I stated in my other answer, you could contact Technical Support to see if they have any suggestions.

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Re: Server execution failed


Peter already given the  answer, it’s nothing to do with McAfee. But I have googled this issue and I found the below link with suggestions

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