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Hello! I am from Russia!
  I apologize for the poor knowledge of English. (

I tried to use McAfee Total Protection, but I do not like it because of many reasons! The first, summarizing all the others - an excessive concerning about protecting my information.
So, I do not have opportunities to work with some of the files that the product will take for dangerous without enough challenging preliminary work - sending the archive file to the lab for

analysis (and the letter should be issued accordingly), waiting for an answer (up to 48 hours), and in case of recognition the file is dangerous - the second appeal to the laboratory. These

conditions able to hinder the work to impossibility, that sometimes is urgent. A simple unplugging SecurityCenter - also does not solve the problem. Disabling of this part allows just look at the

icon image of the file after removing it from the archive, but there won't be the oppotunity to work with this file! This file still will be deleted by the program in a few seconds!
It is also not less irritating makes inability of visiting some internet pages without quite complicated procedures of setting of the program.
Besides, I personally appreciate the quality of the McAfee products and believe that with certain requirements and in certain conditions, the properties of the program that do not satisfy me

become the main advantage! That's why I chose the McAfee products!
To satisfy my requirements for the program, I read the description of the provided by McAfee products, but my training is not enough to make the right choice and I would like to ask for help in it

from experts or experienced users McAfee products.
I need anti-virus software with the following properties:
- verification of data loaded;
- verification of data are accessed;
- validate incoming data from the network for malicious code;
- scans of the selected area;
- scanning during operating system startup;
- receiving of database updates;
- receiving of program updates;
- and the most important! The opportunity to completely turn off the program for some time as if it had never been on a computer.
The presence or absence of other features and capabilities I do not care.

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Re: Selection software

I don't think it matters what version of the software you use, it will behave the same way.

I suggest you contact Russian Support and ask them for advice as it will be easier for you to have them speaking your language.

8 10 800 221 01044

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