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I tried to install the McAfee Total Protection software trial version on my computer.

I see it is working the SecurityCenter for more than 6 hours (!!!!) behind an empty screen, but it is not doing any further things.

I tried to turn off the cumputer and start again the download and installation procedure. The result was the same, the never ending SecurityCenter  waiting behind the empty screen.

For how many hours or DAYS must I wait for the complete installation of this software?

Thank you for your answer!

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Re: SecurityCenter

Hi CsabaZ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to install the programs,Could you provide some information like;

What is the type of internet connection (dsl/wireless) ?
Do you have any other security software in the computer?
How old is the computer ?

Dinesh K

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Level 7

Re: SecurityCenter

The internet connection is ADSL.

There is no other security software on the computer.

It is only 2 years old machine.

So I do not understand the reasons. The SecurityCenter is working still 10 hours (!!!!!!!) - the LED is blinking on the modem - but there is no other things. Do not step to the further stair and do not install the software.

Thanks for your reply!

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Re: SecurityCenter

What version of Internet Explorer do you have installed, is it a beta version?  Go to Help/About.

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