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Security problems; which way now?


I am with Sky Broadband and have McAfee Security as a Sky package deal which is paid monthly, and am sorry if I have joined the wrong community, but  I need to know if I must involve McAfee with my problems at this point. 

I had some minor problems last week with McAfee and contacted Sky Broadband people through their Chat option and they helped me (via remote - which was a first for me).  I think they removed McAfee and then put it back, but I am not sure.  

Its been several days now and I know I have some serious issues going on.  I can get on to the Internet (use my Ebay etc) but there is no way I am going into my Bank site without rectifying things. 

I have M/S Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3 ?probably a 32 bit? (I know M/S ends their support in April 2014 and recommend upgrade to Windows 7 but I am a bit wary and can't decide).  I have run 'winver' and find I have Version 5.1 and my file system is NTFS and  I hope some of that helps with my following questions/queries. 

My icon for McAfee is not in my Taskbar (if I have the right phrase).   From START I can find McAfee Security Scan Plus which tells me my computer is at risk with Firewall Protection OFF but I can't Fix it.   If I scan with McAfee Internet Security it tells me my computer is secure with everything as it should be, including my Firewall in the ON position.  So I don't really understand that.   

I have Microsoft Fix It Centre installed but that doesn't help me fix my security problems because I have the problem in the first place. 

I don't think my PC has been installing all the Windows updates when I thought it was, it always did before so I assumed everything was running normally.

According to my last two security Reports, I have Items Detected

Viruses: 0

Trojans: 209

Rootkits: 2

Tracking Cookies: 1694

Buffer Overflows: 0

Potentially Unwanted Programs: 0

(I don't actually understand all this, but I do know how dangerous Trojans are and I have always tried to stop cookies building up).

I have been trying to sort things out myself which is difficult when I am not technically minded.  I did manage to get my Help and Support back when it disappeared by following some advice I found on a forum (I know, I know.....shouldn't try stuff I know nothing about but I did get my Help back). 

My main concern is that I can't get my System Restore AT ALL!!!!   I have relied on this feature in the past and now find how vital it is.  Message says, 'System Restore is not able to protect your computer.  Please restart your computer, and then run System Restore again'.  Guess what?  Going around in circles.  Also my System Information can't collect information/access Windows Management Instrumentation Software, as files may be moved or missing.

That's it now, I've just about had enough.  I am only a woman with an enquiring mind and need help at the tender age of 65.  Be kind to me !!!

Thank you so very much for reading through all this - I am off for a glass of red wine and my dinner now.  But I shall be back within half an hour to see if anyone has had the patience to read through and respond.  Do I get help from McAfee or not?   Is it Sky's problem?  Or do I have to go to a local technical outfit and let them sort me out? 

I hope you are having a good evening so far.......kind regards, Elaine 

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Re: Security problems; which way now?

Well Elaine, I'm the tender age of 71 so I hope I can help.

There's no need to worry about upgrading XP until nearer the deadline of April, '14 as long as you keep Windows up to date and that means all parts of it, even if you don't use them.  For instance many people use Firefox or Chrome browser instead of Internet Explorer, but many processes use IE in any case, so it's important it is kept up to date also.

Look in the last link in my signature below and you will see Stinger and Malwarebytes Free listed.  Download them and run them.   If infection prevents them being downloaded, save the installer file as a different name using 'Save As' option.

Run Stinger and let it clean anything it finds.  Then Malwarebytes (after updating it) and let it also remove anything it finds.    The latter can also be installed, updated and run in "Safe Mode with Networking" if necessary by the way.

Once they have run try the following.   Uninstall all McAfee entries listed in Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.

Run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page and reboot.

Go to your online account and reinstall McAfee.

Good luck ;-)

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Re: Security problems; which way now?

Thank you very much, Peter 'Ex-Brit' from Toronto.  Your swift response is much appreciated and I shall endeavour to follow your helpful suggestions.  I have seen other forums, etc., which mentioned Stinger and also thought I might have to uninstall and reinstall but remained cautious about this as I felt it might all be controlled by Sky (that remote business I mentioned).  However, I aim to do what I can for an hour or so and shall let you know how I get on..... eventually. 

About 'Safe Mode' - while I appreciate that you are saying '.... run in "Safe Mode with Networking"..... I tried to find Safe Mode yesterday and failed miserably.  Kept hitting F8 like they say, but a blue screen I'd never seen before kept appearing which said nothing about Safe Mode.

Most of all I wanted to say how much I appreciated your reply.  Moderators are Unsung Heros in my opinion.  They give us their time and considered opinions freely where others chase the money - but I suppose all their training courses and hard work has to be paid for somehow, huh?   I was asked to be one once !!!  After an Open University course which touched on the history of the internet and some other related stuff but I didn't think I would be good enough so I didn't volunteer.  How selfish was that !!!

Kind regards, Elaine 

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Re: Security problems; which way now?


That's odd you would get a nlue screen, BSOD we call them, when trying to reach Safe Mode.  That usually indicated a driver or hardware failure somewhere. 

Not sure what to suggest there other than have a PC repair shop look at it.

You could ask for help on an independant PC forum such as Tech Support Guy I suppose.   

(Or any similar of course).   That BSOD shouldn't happen, but I've experienced them and it really is frustrating because they really tell you nothing at all.

Getting back to the matter in hand, what you could do is follow the Hijackthis routine which is outlined nearer the bottom of that last link in my signature.

They also might have suggestions regarding the blue screening which I suppose could be connected.

Thanks for the kind remarks.

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