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Security Centre Firewall

Hi,  I've got McAfee Security Center installed ......

Pretty good, but whoever decided to design the firewall interface screen the way it is - is a moron.

If I open it and then go to:  "Internet Connections for Programs"  I get this pissy little narrow window to be able to scroll thru five billion entries - 3 lines at a time.  That's Great !!

Now the real problem -  I've got RDC going and it's added to the entry but the firewall still blocks it on the port I've selected.  (I checked the log)  - WHY ?   I've added mstsc.exe in there and it's setup for ALL DEVICES =OFF

Any guesses folks?



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Re: Security Centre Firewall


Please enable the Port 3389 under McAfee Firewall. Enable "Allow ICMP ping requests" under "Smart Advice and Advanced Settings" in McAfee Firewall. Also let us know whether any other firewall or McAfee/3rd party AV installed on the other computer in which you are trying to connect to. If so, add the same rule in the same.



Re: Security Centre Firewall

I also had a similar problem.