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Scan popup

After a new install of Total Protection ( it took the the technician 48 mins to install by remote control due to an installer problem ) i have the software up and running but i am becoming more and more frustrated by the two windows that popup everytime the laptop is booted, one is the main GUI and the other is a scan report

i have looked online and tried various ways to stop these appearing but so far nothing has worked, i have set quickscan to not sheduled as recommended but still the annoying popups appear

the software has the latest updates and is V16, Release name 16.0 R17 and the laptop is running Win10 Pro

if anyone knows how to disable these popups i would be most gratefull, thanks.

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Re: Scan popup


Perform the below steps and update if it resolves

  1. Open McAfee Security
  2. Click Gear symbol on the top right
  3. Click General Settings and Alerts
  4. Click Informational Alerts from the bottom deck
  5. Disable (Uncheck) the option "A scan for malware and spyware is complete and no issues are detected"
  6. Disable (Uncheck) "Quick clean is done"
  7. Click Apply