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I am sad that Mcafee doesnt work for most things.... I really am. Paying about 80 bucks a year and it doesnt work??? I had a TDSS.C!mem today and Mcafee spotted it but would not remove it. I had to system restore to get rid of some other trogans and then use a Kaspersky kill tool to get rid of it. THe Kaspersky tool was pretty fast too! Removed it and all I had to do was restart my comp and no more issues except for a bluescreen but then nothing else. Why do you have an 80 dollar supposedly "Total protection" product that doesnt even remove a rootkit that has been known for a while now? Your virus definitions doesnt even list it as bad. and has no info on how to remove it. Infact I just got an ISO from Kaspersky that works pretty well as a boot too. Solves memory corruption and everything the Killer does. So why I ask dont you actually get to work mcafee? You have competition and you are losing. Losing money and losing support every day you sit around defending your product from critisizm instead of defending against malware. Im glad it came free from Dell so I could get experience of it. I think Kaspersky wins this time. Even with one of there free products >.>

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Re: Sad....

Firstly no protection software out there can catch everything and any independant security software forum will tell you that.   McAfee could miss something that Kaspersky catches one moment and the next it could be the other way around.

That's why there is a submission process HERE.

That particular Trojan has only just gone on the books (see HERE) and should have been removable, perhaps it needed a reboot to remove it or to scan in safe mode.

There are some guidelines HERE.

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