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SAFE MODE - How to restart your PC in Safe Mode

Note - This is also in the McAfee Help facility and is shared as a convenience for this often used technique.

Restarting the Computer in Safe Mode

Summary: Windows Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that allows Windows to start if Windows appears to hang or lock when trying to start. It can also be used to remove programs or viruses causing problems at startup.

1. Shutdown and Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

2. Click on the Start button. The Start menu will appear.
Select Shut Down from the menu. The 'Shut Down Windows' dialog box will appear.

3. Select 'Shut down' and click the Yes (or OK) button.
Wait until the 'It is now safe to turn off the computer' message appears and turn the computer off.

4. Turn the computer back on.

5. Begin immediately pressing the F8 key, about once a second, until the Windows Startup menu appears.
Press 3 and then Enter to start the computer in Safe Mode.

6. Once Windows starts, an information message will appear explaining Safe Mode. Click the OK button to clear this message.

7. If you have any difficult getting the Windows Startup menu to appear at step 6, try the following to get into Safe Mode:

8. Try holding down the left shift key instead of pressing the F8 key while booting up it.

9. Begin immediately pressing the F5 key, about once a second, until the message 'Windows is bypassing your startup files'.