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Response to CEOs statement posted on the McAfee website

For those of us who experienced major problems where 'a faulty DAT file—caused some of our customers’ computers to shut down until they could be repaired and rebooted'.  Its good that an apology has finally been made to all users who were affected but the fact it has been left for over a week says a lot about how McAfee treat there customers.  The fact that users like myself were asked the same questions and given the same answers goes to show how 'sympathetic' they actually were rather than sending out a public apology straight away with an assurance that the issue was being investigated.

Also, why is it that the website advises users to download the MVT tool when I couldn't even install the tool to run due to a permissions problem.  I am sure many users will agree that this whole issue has been handled VERY badly and it would not surprise me if other users like myself are seriously considering moving to a different company for their AV.

One big question I have to ask McAfee is why did it take so long for somebody to announce an apology?  Surely this would be best practice for any company to admit a problem and then fix the problem rather than leaving a lot of users unprotected until a fix was found - in this case over a week later.  If I were the CEO of McAfee I know I would feel like egg had been thrown in my face if I had left an apology announement for over a week.  Leaving this announcement for SO long AND not giving any real explanation to the cause of the problem until now is a big problem which McAfee MUST sort out if they are to keep the customers they already have.