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Rescue Disk

Last time my PC was infected, it was greatly let down by McAfee in dealing with the virus.

The virus had taken over the PC and I could not even get to McAfee.

The only way was not to boot from my C drive, but a CD. However, McAfee provide no support.

It is embarasing for McAfee that I had to use a rescue disk from a competitor Kaspersky.

I also felt it was unfair to Kaspersky, as I should have renewed with them, as they bailed me out.

It was the only way to get rid of the virus and back my data and re-install it all.

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Re: Rescue Disk

No antivirus is guaranteed to provide 100% protection and Kaspersky's Rescue Disk may have worked in your case because the database used covered whatever it was that ailed your machine, which I would imagine was more coincidence than anything else as it's only based on whatever infections they protect against at the time it was made   The next time you may not be so lucky.

McAfee doesn't do one for consumers, but depending on your operating system you probably have the ability to make one yourself.   They do have paid professional virus removal service however.   See "Techmaster" on the support web pages.

Rescue Disks per se are usually something you find on independent PC help websites, HERE for instance.   But I can tell you from my own experience, they don't always work.

Safe surfing and keeping everything always up to date, including parts of your machine you may not use (IE for instance if you use another browser), can go a long way to keep you clear of infection, along with the judicious use of 3rd party tools.  See the last link in my signature below.

McAfee does quite well against other A/V makers in A/V comparative studies but none of them are perfect.

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