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Renewal liscences


Let me Say  I love Mcaffe Product.

McAfee doesn't (Like Nortons) let you know every action it does  (look at me .. look at me..)

Most of us want a simple usable soluton for our customers , not some attack or breach notice that the end user is unlikely to be able to address. (hence the next customer phone call)

My query is i regards to Renewals.

I have Six computers obtaining updates from McAfee

I was trying to pay for the renewal

McAfee website insisted that I'm using 7

I removed one and paid the subscription.

Now I had warning messages about subscrption shortfalls and tried to buy the additional lisc and move on.  (let's not fight with some one's idea of a program)

But then I could only buy 2 extra  (WTF) ,  now I have 8 liscences and 6 p.c's

Since I regualarly add and remove PC's (they do eventually die) .. is it possible for Mcaffe to allow someone to renew what ever amount of licences they wish

and then send then the customer  25 emails about their "indescesion" post order (after they see the end users updates)???

If someone wants to renew 6 pc's instead of 7 , let a month slide (in your programing) and warn them a month later.

(God knows I deserve a bit of slack for refering your product to dozens (hundreds) of users ) .. I have hundreds of customers who ring me for everything.

Whlist you don'tknow who I am, I am a 6 six user licencee who obviosly has some connection with mcafee and I would suggest that McAfee not make it that hard to Renew

thank you

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Re: Renewal liscences

I agree recently there have been a issue or 2 that messes up renewals . Actually you get warning your licence is expired or about to and you get stressed as you have 15 mths left. I assume this is not your issue correct?

The new account layout does not allow the user to remove PCs from the account. If you uninstall via windows and then run MCPR the removal tool the PC should dissapear but if the PC dies the PC stays on the account.

WE have been asking that the user have more rights in the account but if you want the account cleaned up contact support and get them to remove the extra PCs and get your extra licences refunded if that is what you want.

Supposedly the extra PCs disappear in 90 days but it appears the licence is still seen till then thus the warning that you are using too many licences.

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