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Removing Phantom Computer Network Name

Hello All, I'm not a new user of computers “drrr” but a New user of certain Networking Issues.

As the leading title of this thread states, I'm having trouble removing the phantom computer names from my LAN.

I did have several computers attached to my LAN, Both wired and wireless.

However I've since removed them all, but, their names are still showing up when I select Mcafee's “Manage Network” Option.

What I’ve done so far:

Disconnected and turned off all attached computers.

Removed all remnants and references to those computers from the MAIN computer.

Turned off everything, (Main computer, Router(s), Cable Modem)

Waited about 10 minutes.  (Had other stuff to do anyways)

Powered up everything.

Loaded up Mcafee, Manage Network, and all the terminals were still showing.

I’d figure they would “time out” of the network but they didn’t.

This is going on for a 2 weeks now and that’s too long of a time-out to wait for.

I’ll assume there’s something I’m doing wrong and just too stupid to know what it is.

I’m passing the question off to one of you Einsteins out there.

I’m not scared of “regedit”

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