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Reinstall Question

I have a few Questions about the reinstall process.Although I have performed this function many times.I am now going to try again do to many problems I have come across since the new 2011 Mcafee update.The 1st question is About Malwarebytes.

I have noticed when last reinstalling a pop up about Malwarebytes  (free version) and Mcafee compatibility issue.I know they work together,but I recieved a pop up about uninstalling Malwarebytes.Unfortunaltley I ignored that because I have never seen this before and thought that was strange.So I now have to uninstall Malwarebytes,Uninstall Mcafee run Mcpr & reboot.Will I have to perform the registry fix again?Also are there any other new things I should do before trying this again?Thanks

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Re: Reinstall Question

I guess no one knew.So for anyone having problems with the new Mcafee 2011 like myself.Here are the answers.First you will have to perform the registry fix again.Unless you like hidden images,files,etc.You will also have to uninstall Malwarebytes before installing Mcafee 2011.A Bonus Uninstall / Reinstall Mcafee has added for us this year. You will Also want to check your firewall.As the default Recommended settings (outgoing) Load as full access for the firewall.This is not a fluke by the way.As this has happened to me last year also and during 3 reinstalls this year.Firefox also does not work with site advisor.But you can post Images on these forums with firefox and windows snipping tool.I will now attempt to post the image of the Malwarebytes issue with Firefox.