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I´m from Costa Rica and I´m having problems with a refund that I need. Today it was automatically charged my old package and I don´t want this one anymore and I didn´t know it was automatic this charging. Another thing is that this renewal has been made 1 month before of the dead line of my old package. I don´t know what to do because the only number that is avalaible in my country isn´t answering and I don´t know what to do. Please help because that charged -109 dollars- has been made today to the credit card of my father and I´m very worry. 

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Re: Refund

You can fill out a form first click on Customer service link then input your country/language and choose refund. You input your details there that should work.

McAfee strives to deliver quality products, service, and support. If you are within the time frame for a refund and would like to request a refund, or you are from the Netherlands, contact Customer Service.