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Ref: McAfee Migration Tool- Reply

Please be informed, that I did not intentionally post twice for the same thread. Once again it seems, evidently I inadvertently did so. I,m even uncertain if I,m properly doing so with this post. Thank you PeaceKeeper,Ex Brit for your insight to this topic. I am comfortable now knowing it seems to be a legitimate program.

Without attempting to make excuses...I am disabled with significant heart (Conditions). Periodically while on my Anti-coagulant-Anti-siezure medications, the side effects do include (Confusion). I will do my utmost, in the future to adhere to proper posting.

Again Thank you for your assistance....

McAfee Volunteer
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Re: Ref: McAfee Migration Tool- Reply

It's fine though you posted in a new thread this comment would have been better in your other thread . I will close  this thread as answered. I was only pointing out the two posts we get some posters so stressed they think 5 posts in 5 different areas of this forum will get more answers thus the comment.

Hope things are better for you.

PS you are doing something I have never seen in 10 years here the posts have subjects with a REF prefixing the subject and they cannot be marked as answered. I will check up and let you know what you are doing.

Message was edited by: Peacekeeper on 2/10/13 6:44:10 AM
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