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Recent update is causing problems with XP themes

Yesterday McAfee Total Protection got updated and asked me to restart system, which I did after sometime. 

I have Royal Remixed theme installed in my Windows XP.  On restarting the theme was lost and the Windows looked little weird as shown below.  I restored my laptop to a previous date and the problem was solved.

Today again mcafee got updated and asked for restart which I did and found same problem.  So I guess this new update is causing problems with themes.

Any advise on this plz?

After Update.JPG

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Re: Recent update is causing problems with XP themes


This sort of thing is best sorted out by Technical Support Online Chat.  For your area the UK office handles that and they are open 24/7.

You will be asked to run the Virtual Technician first.

Meanwhile I trust that this is XP SP3?

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