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Real-time scanning putting strain on my computer's running

Just within the last few days something has apparently happened with McAfee updates that has caused a strain on my computer (Vista OS).  I have McAfee total protection with automatic updating turned on.  Within past few days the computer has started to run at a high speed constantly, and mouse jumps around with difficulty moving from place to place.  I have to disable McAfee Real-Time scanning to be able to use my computer easily. I have not done anything to change my computer or my internet connection since this started happening, so I am assuming that something in a recent McAfee update has caused this change.

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Re: Real-time scanning putting strain on my computer's running

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, could you please clarify the following:

1.    What is the version of your McAfee programs?

2.    Do you have any other security software installed in your computer?

3.    What is your computer’s configuration, mention CPU, Memory (RAM) and Hard Drive free space etc..

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