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Real-time scan vs Scheduled scan

I have my real-time scan set to 'on', plus I use the firewall, etc.  I would assume that with my settings for the real time scan set to all file types, plus checks of email, IM attachments, threats and extended protections - basically to look at EVERYTHING, why would my scheduled scan detect 7 viruses????  Does this make any sense?

Please Note:  I completely reinstalled McAfee on 6/5 after a virus attack that damaged the McAfee files (and had symptoms much like several mentioned in this community).  After reinstall, I did a full scan and it was clean.   Am I wrong in assuming that real time scanning should stop viruses from getting through?   

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Re: Real-time scan vs Scheduled scan


Most of the scan results have junk files, cookies which can be detected by McAfee when you run a  McAfee scan, same way when schedule scan runs on the computer there are many possibilities it can detects more number of tracking cookies, malwares etc., than the  Manual scan. So I would recommend you to perform a Scheduled Quick Clean feature in McAfee every time before  schedule scan runs, so the McAfee scan detection may less in number. Please find the below steps to set up and perform a Quick Clean in McAfee

  • ü  Open McAfee Security Center
  • ü  Open the PC and home Network Tools drawer
  • ü  Click on Quick Clean and open the Settings drawer to make your desired unwanted files to be clean
  • ü  Click on Apply and OK after the changes has been made then clean the files manually
  • ü  Also you can schedule the Quick Clean by opening the drawer Schedule (Refer the screen shot)
  • ü  Schedule your Quick clean according to the time before the schedule scan runs

Quick Clean.JPG

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Re: Real-time scan vs Scheduled scan

I take it you mean that the scan report is showing a total of 7 viruses detected in the "Items Detected" section? Like this?

Trojans detected.JPG

If that's the case, it's a running total of everything found in all scans since your McAfee software was installed. It doesn't mean it found them in the most recent scan.

Real-time scanning will detect and quarantine all known threats unless some piece of known malware has been modified to escape detection. The big problem is with new malware that hasn't yet been recognised as such; and with Java and Flash exploits (among others) which depend on a user failing to keep third-party software up to date - once a security vulnerability becomes known in these applications the malware authors will update their exploit kits to look for it and use it to infect unpatched machines.

Does that help at all?

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Re: Real-time scan vs Scheduled scan

Actuallty, it was in the actual live scan results - as it was scanning, similar to the below.  Oddly, there were no cookies, etc., just 7 viruses!

scan results.png

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