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Real-time scan not working + vista not booting up?

Seem to be having problem in last few days with real-time scanning with McAfee which has coincided with my Windows Vista booting up erratically. I've noticed that McAfee upgraded some 'driver packages' or something in the past month or so.

I have a general question - can McAfee updates make Windows Vista hang when booting up? Is this possible?

I've just managed to manually update my McAfee and it seems to have resolved the real-time scanning issue.  I had to tell McAfee to update though - usually it's automatic. (Not sure how I did this!)

Any advice, comments etc. gratefully received!

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Re: Real-time scan not working + vista not booting up?

Please clarify the following:

1. How long you are using McAfee on the computer?

2. Did you use any other Security program on the computer, coz in case if any other security services are running in the computer then it might slow down the computer's boot up process

3. Clear all the Internet cookies & temp files

4. Make sure McAfee's Automatic Updates are enabled and automatic (check the screenshots for more info)



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Re: Real-time scan not working + vista not booting up?

Thanks for reply.

I'm a long-time user of McAfee.  It's been on my current computer since I purchased the computer a year or so ago

The booting up issue appears to have resolved itself after McAfee updated - although not automatically for some reason. It usually does update automatically. The software had been working fine.

The only other Security program I use is WinPatrol free version. I've been using this in tandem with McAfee for several years. I suspect it duplicates many Vista features but old habits die hard!

I have checked my McAfee settings as you suggest and they are for automatic update.

My big concern is that a program such as McAfee could in principle stop Windows Vista from booting up. This could have led me to a re-installation of Windows Vista with all the issues around lost data, re-installing software  etc...It was only a matter of luck that I noticed that McAfee had also gone wrong.

To be fair, it may have just been a coincidence that the McAfee scan error coincided with the Vista problem but the fact that updating McAfee has resolved the Vista issue is interesting, if not conclusive.

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