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Real Time Virus Protection

On the View Recent Events screen in Security Center, it tells me that the last time Real Time Virus Protection Was Enabled was 4/1/2010. Since then I have been having issues with trojans and viruses. When I check for updates, it tells me that All Programs Are Up To Date. McAfee Virtual Technician says there there are no problems found. Does anyone know the reason for this and how to fix it? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Real Time Virus Protection

Hi deb,

Please let us know whether we receive any errors from mcafee or any pop ups in the computer ?

Along with you post please mention the following details ;

What is the DAT version in security center ?

Open security center and let know the exact message : Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure (To find out the version)

Do we have ny other security  software installed in the computer .


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Real Time Virus Protection

Hi Dinz,

I get the pop up that says Your computer is not fully protected and says to Check protection status.  No other pop ups.

Security Center (Version 9.15)  when opened up says Am I Protected? No. Computer and files are protected, but Internet and Email are Action Required. When I click on FIX, it just tells me One or more problems require your response. It also says your Phishing protection from McAfee Spamkiller is out of date (Installed version 7.0, Latest version 10.3).

DAT Version is 5980.

Only other security software installed is Malwarebytes Free version.

MVT session ID number is 25562209.



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Re: Real Time Virus Protection

Have you tried running the McAfee Virtual Technician? MVT will scan your computer for McAfee related issues and attempt to resolve them. It generates a session id number which you should post here for Dinz to follow up on.

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Re: Real Time Virus Protection

Are you being provided this by 1 or Mcafee's partners is an ISP? If not there is a new version out and it would be a good idea to uninstall your version and reinstall the new version 10.

This is of course after you clean up the trojans etc and give your PC a good clean up.

Have a read of THIS and update The copy of MWB that you have. Also try superantispyware Running these and the mcafee suggestions in the document should clear up any issue prior to you installing the new version.

I assume selecting update does not update?

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