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Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools


since I use McAfee Total Protection, I have an issue with the real-time scanner:

Every time I compile with MinGW (GCC compiler for windows) or with Unity3D, I get access errors on temporary files. When I disable the Real-Time Scanner, the errors disappear.

It seems, that the real-time scanner shortly access the newly creates temporary files and this blocks the processes from the compiler to work correctly.

Unfortunately I did not find a way to disable the real-time scan for those temporary working directories. I can just exclude single files, but since those files are creates on mass temporary the exclude file feature does not help here.

What I need is a exclude directory feature or something like that (also for directories that have not been created so far).

At the moment the only solution for me is to completely disable real-time scan every time I want to develop any software. But it is somehow annoying for me to pay money for a super cool anti-virus tool when I have to disable all the time the real-time scanner to be able to work on my computer.

Is there any chance to get a exclude directory feature in any upcoming versions?

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P.S.: There are a several of threads in the internet, that addressing those issues:
How to solve "Internal compiler error."? - Unity Answers

Access to C:/Users//Documents//Temp/Assembly-CSharp.dll.mdb is denied. - Unity Answers
MinGW Fix Permission Denied LD and Error 1 - GeekThis

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Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools


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              Hopefully one of the Resident Forum Support Techs pick up this thread, and can add to the Discussion. You can always contact Technical Support 24/7 (Free). Via Online Chat/Phone being most expedient.

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Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools

If I remember correctly, the exclude folder feature was dropped a few years ago in the consumer products because malware writers realized that if they found one, they could work with impunity - thus more people got hit with viruses.  it's in the enterprise class products still though.

So no, I don't think we'll see it come back.

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Re: Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools

Am with Support and in my Virus Removal experience most of the nasty detections are located in the Temp directory or at least during the initial stages of infection. So it's practically impossible to exclude the Temp directory from Scanning. As the name indicates RTS scans files in Real Time whichever the user accesses and am afraid we are stuck.

Re: Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools

@SafeBoot and @Chinthanai
Thanks for your answer.

However, when excluding those directories in unsafe, what is then the solution for my issue?

Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools

Maybe I was not clear enough about this. I also wonder why this topic has been moved to "discussion", since this is not a discussion from my point of view.
For me it is clear and big issue with the McAfee Anti-Virus product.

I don't get the point, why I should buy an Anti-Virus software where I have to switch off a very important feature every day, since otherwise I cannot do my daily work.

So either we (the McAfee Support and me) can find a solution for that issue, or I definitely have to cancel my subscription for your products and buy an Anti-Virus software that does not block me from my daily work.

Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools

Maybe the authors of MinGW would be a good place to look for help? Since no one is reporting this problem with other programs - it would seem likely the problem is with MinGW, not McAfee?

Or, you could use the business version of McAfee, not the consumer version (Virus Scan Enterprise)?

Re: Real-Time Scanner is blocking software development tools


                 In regards to the question as to (Why) your thread was moved to (General Discussion). I chose to do so where it would gain more exposure/attention. As you can see it did. However, I would be more than glad to move it to 'Virus Scan', should you so wish.

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