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Re-Install McAfee Internet Security 2012 Windows 8 Acer Laptop


I recently purchased  McaFee Internet Security 2012 for my Windows 8 laptop. I registered the key on the website and nstalled on my laptop. It worked fine. Hoever I was getting pop ups on my laptop that my antivirus would get deacivated in 2 days.

The reason for the same is because with my laptop cam a 3 month free trial anti-virus from McAfee.. Now, when I installed it it, I thought that the new anti virus woul take precedence over the old exsiting one.

I uninstaaled it and am trying to reinstall it now. When i try to go the website , and enter my details, it gives me a message that the key has already been used.

When I try to re-install it once again ( the anti virus on my windows 8 laptop ), it jus stuck on "Gathering Downoad informtion" and  does not proceed.

I have attached a screen shot of where I am stuck.

Please help ...

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Re: Re-Install McAfee Internet Security 2012 Windows 8 Acer Laptop

Uninstall everything McAfee in the normal manner, via Control Panel: Tutorial - that should free up your key online.

(The act of uninstalling McAfee via the Program list in Windows decrements the account at

Run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

Reinstall from your online account.

If you have problems with the key again, contact Technical Support via THIS link.


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