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Re: 5958 DAT problems

My husband had problems re: this (i.e, the pc wouldn' start properly, and wouldn't shutdown).

I was able to shut the pc down.  Upon re-booting, the McAfee Anti-Virus Plus window opened as McAfee Virus Scan Plus was being updated. (Normally only the "flash screen" shows, so after the update finished, I shut the pc down again, waited 15 mins or so, then re-started.)

I now show that I'm running the 5960 DAT file (4/22/10), but the W/32/Wecorl.a still shows in my Quarantined Items list.  Should I leave it there, delete it, restore it, or what?  I'm not currently experiencing any problems, or at least none that I'm aware of, anyway.

I'm running WinXP SP3, with McAfee Anti-Virus Plus (all updates are current).

Please advise, and thank you in advance for your reply.


P.S.  Is it safe to run a scan if I'm no longer using 5958?

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