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Protect Your Other PCs Popup

Six or Seven tech support people have attempted to remove this annoying popup from my two Windows 7 machines:



Did you know that one or more PCs on your home network is not protected by the latest version of McAfee software or has an expired subscription?

Protect my other PCs

- Email or print protection instructions

- Buy more licenses


I have a valid McAfee license for four computers: One, Nine, & Ten, (which do not use our password-protected wireless but share a router) and Mobile Home (which has a separate wireless connection). One and Mobile Home have Windows XP; Nine and Ten have Windows 7. The popups began around April 15th.

My laptop, which does not have McAfee installed, uses the same router as computers one, nine, and ten; the mobile home is currently out of state. Several older computers that used to have McAfee have been deactivated in my account as they're no longer used, but the consumer is unable to remove them from the account information/database.

Along with McAfee techs (including supervisors/Tier 2 escalation) who took control of my computers, I have spent more than seven hours so far trying to get rid of this annoyance. Their attempts have run the gamut from removing and reinstalling McAfee, unchecking the box in Information Alerts that stops an alert for "Other PCs on my network don't have Up-to-date McAfee software," telling each separate computer to "trust" the other McAfee-using computers, and something else to do with firewall settings that I can't remember. The popup occurs randomly on either of the two Windows 7 computers, knocking me to the desktop if I'm using another program, such as running World of Warcraft. With each customer service call, the rep did not even correctly identify which computers are on my 4-computer license, and they did not even recognize that my license is for four computers (often stating I had a two-computer license), even though my account online clearly shows what my license is for and that it is still valid. It appears to me that McAfee has gone swiftly downhill following the fiasco after an update that caused many of us to lose internet access. I'm about ready to remove it forever, but I hate not solving a problem. If anyone has any other suggestions or has suffered from this popup from hell, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. McAfee is supposed to protect us from these annoyances, not cause them.