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Programs crashing when trying to save or save as files

I am using McAfee Total Protection on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit TR and MS Office 2007, Internet Explorer 9. I usually get crash in Office programs and IE pages when I try to save or save as a file from Internet Explorer and also when I  create a new Office document.

In Internet Explorer, the problem happens no matter the internet site is (secured or not), so all the IE pages close, display the window asking me to stop the program or restart the same web site...  Before, I got IE 8, then I installed IE 9 hoping to solve the poroblem, but the same problem persists in most of the save or save as processes.

Using Office programs (Outlook, Word, Excel), when I click the "Save" or "Save as" button in Office menu, the drivers and folders are displayed and the window becomes flue, unaccessible, the program crashes. To save any document in Office is increasing my adrenaline. I installed Office 2000 to be sure to save my documents, with 2000 no problem. But I need to use 2007 also to work with my files, and generally I got the problem. The problem can happen when the document is empty also, so no matter the size of the file. It is strange that I don't have problem with PowerPoint 2007. In Outlook, when I try to download attachments sent by secure senders also the program stops.

I checked if the McAfee is scanning the computer during the crashes, but it was not, everything seams quite.

I think some system files get read-only when I try to save something, so one program (Office 2007 or IE) tries to open and write in a certain file and the other one (McAfee) stops it.

I scanned all the Office 2007 help pages and discussion groups about the problem, nothing solved it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007, the problem started again.

I used Mcafee Virtual Technician, it found no problem.

The problem does not happen always, but in general. So I can't guess when I will be able to save or will fail.

It happened me after many trials to save any recovered document after crash in Word, I could not save it.

It is very hard to work with this problem, you can not know if you will be able to recover the file or not.

I hope you can help me...

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