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Problems with Real Time Scan - mcshield (?)

After reading several posts and reinstalling McAfee Total Protection 2010 several times, I'm still having problems with the Real Time Scanning.   It just can't start and keeps saying that my PC is not protected.

Here the details:

- Vista Home Premium SP2 - 32 bit - 4Gb

- Dell Studio

- It was running fine the previous version of McAfee. 

Tried the following:

- uninstall completely

- ran MCPR

- deleted all McAfee entries from program files, program data, etc...

- cleaned my registry and searched for any McAfee data

- installed from scratch

- ran the Virtual Fix and it said that I was missing the service McShield.

It looks like, for some reason, it doesn't create the mcshield service as I looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

So, tried the following:

- installed ONLY the Virus Scan

- executed the patch oas-disabled-fix.exe that I saw in one of the posts

Then Real Time scan was finally enabled.  BUT.... if I check the services and double click on the McShield, it says that "the system cannot find the file specified".   So, it looks like there is a phanton McShield that I can't find, even by searching the entire C drive.

Now, after rebooting, the McShield is gone...   So, I'm back to the initial poblem again...   cannot turn on the Real Time Scan.

So...  after installing/reinstalling this close to 5 times, I do need some help here.  

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