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Problems Uninstalling McAfee

Can anyone help? When I try to uninstall McAfee I get an error message window when uninstalling the security center. It says it connot proceed untill all "Legacy" products are removed. I don't know what "Legacy" products are. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Problems Uninstalling McAfee


Check the date and time, if it is not correct, correct it and restart the computer

What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )

What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )

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Re: Problems Uninstalling McAfee

Hi david,

May I know how were the mcafee programs removed ?

Also let us know what is the operating system of the computer ?

How old is the computer ?


Dinesh K