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Problem updating McAfee

I recently was away from home for six weeks, and my computer was off all the time.  When I returned I received a message that my McAfee had not updated in over 30 days. The "directory signature" was out of date. After the Virtual technician did not solve the problem, I chatted with the tech and he said to uninstall and reinstall which I did. The problem seemed to be resolved. Now, 8 days later I am getting the message that the program has not updated in 8  to 29 days. I attempted to manually update and the program appears unable to go on line, even though I am connected to the internet. I again chatted and was again told to uninstall and reinstall. I am now up to date, but the update key continues to be inoperable. I don't know why the security center won't connect and therefore won't update.

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Re: Problem updating McAfee

If you are still facing the issue with mcafee, please provide some information about the computer like,
What is the operating system , Windows (xp/vista)
What type of internet connection ? (dsl/wireless)
Try running Mcafee Virtual Technician from and post me the session id so that i could review the report .

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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