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Problem getting mcafee to scan.


My girlfriends sony vaio recently had a blue screen and we've been having problems with mcafee after performing a system repair and having to creat a new user profile.

The scan seems to stop for some reason when it gets to 4% and will go no further.

she has a sony vaio computer and a very new version of mcafee.

can someone please help as i really need it. If more information is needed please just ask

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Level 14

Re: Problem getting mcafee to scan.

Your problem might be related to the system repair you recently did and some corruption has occurred. Before trying the following step, make sure she has registered the software and created a McAfee account. I suggest she try to uninstall McAfee via Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer and then proceed to use the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links and reboot again. Go to McAfee login under your account and redownload and install the software again. If your issue persists, then you might want to contact Technical Support Chat for assistance.

Good Luck

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