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Possible infection

I think my pc is infected with an unknown virus.

Yesterday, i noticed, when reading a spam email at that a possible execution occured on my pc.

Today i noticed a new wifi SSID that is 90% certain to originate from my PC (it is capable of hosting wifi SSID) and the SSID contains my pc name.

I am really puzzeled about this wifi SSID that is on my machine as i know i have not set up any SSID hosting software, but as i type it comes to mind that win10 might be the source, yet i have never written the SSID in any config.

I have been searching for VPN client software to connect to my brothers network tuner the last couple of days, and start to think thay contain the virus too. I have since removed the VPN software as it did not work as expected.

Attached is a screenshot with the SSID "Direct-lsjfm-gamepc**" the jfm-gamepc is my machine name.

If anyone knows about this "Direct-ls" SSID, if you've come across similar, then plz inform me what it is.

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