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Pictures and videos being blocked?

Why is McAfee total protection blocking ALL of my incoming pictures and videos?

It's even blocking all   videos on my Comcast home page. Do not know which file format is used.

Also You Tube videos.

A friend sent me .jpg's of his new car. I got the following message.

{"Red Shield with an X in it.} Prohibited file type.

This message contains a attachment whose file type is considered dangerous.

This file has been deactivated. Link= Get Help"

When I activate Get Help it takes me to a Microsoft page offering to sell me Win 10 which I already have.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?

I have NOT loaded any software in recent times BUT there was an upgrade to Windows or other programs yesterday .

I believe it to be McAfee from the "Red Shield" with an X in it.

Thanks for your help

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Re: Pictures and videos being blocked?


Please provide some more details to help you.

Kindly attach the snapshot of the issue.

Which Mcafee product suite is installed on the computer?

Have you tried with different browser i.e. Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox etc. If so, What was the outcome?



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Re: Pictures and videos being blocked?

That sounds like an email client issue Live mail has that message and red shield with a cross in it.

I assume this it


So make sure in the settings of the email client software that

Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus is not checked. or a similiar option.

What email client are you using?

This My thoughts on the issue

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Re: Pictures and videos being blocked?

Agreed. This is not McAfee blocking, it's Microsoft.

There are plenty of posts about this problem over on the Microsoft forums. It's a Live Mail (or perhaps Outlook) security setting that needs to be changed.

This problem is described (exactly the same as in this case), and the solution given, in

Windows Live Mail - Prohibited file types - Microsoft Community

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Re: Pictures and videos being blocked?

Does this solve your issue

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Re: Pictures and videos being blocked?

Assumed this is the solution as no reply marked as answered. If not will change back

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