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Periodic 100% CPU jumps

     Hey I have been getting huge surges of CPU consumption for a few months now. It happens periodically whether I'm playing a pc game, listening to music or just AFK on the desktop. I have been watching windows resource monitor and have pinpointed the culprit of these CPU spikes to be caused by McSvHost.exe which is the McAfee Service Host. I have uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee with no success at getting rid of the problem. I am 100% sure that it is McSvHost.exe that is causing the problem because my computer will not have the CPU spikes when I have McAfee off. I am not performing virus scans when this happens.

     I'm just wondering if there are any fixes for this problem? I have not been able to find one online and have seen multiple people with similar or the same problem as myself.

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Pretty much identical symptoms as this unanswered question:

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Some updateds since nothing has improved and no one has helped, I am running Mcafee AntiVirus Plus, the Mcafee technical support only told me to uninstall and dreinstall which I have already done and the jumps seem to be getting worse. It's been a week since I have posted and still no news, no one else has this problem?

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Re: Periodic 100% CPU jumps

Hey Goozle and anyone who has this problem check out this Thread where I have posted the same problem. It has a workaround idea as well.

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