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Level 7

PC Running Extremely Slow

I can uninstall MCAfee Total Protection, and my PC speed is markedly increased.

With McAfee installed, even something simple like editing text is slow and cumbersome. As soon as I reinstall McAFee Total Protection, the speed decreases dramatically.

I am running Windows 10 64 bit, and I have 8 GB or RAM and 762 GB of free disk space, so resources is not a problem.

Please advise me of a solution to this problem.

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Level 20

Re: PC Running Extremely Slow

A few thoughts

1 any other antivirus installed?

2. try running the MVT program and see if it fixes anything. note session number it produces for if you call support.

3. call support. they will probably suggest a reinstall as 1st idea.


My install stable and except fot a longer scan time than I would like is working fine.

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Level 7

Re: PC Running Extremely Slow

1. I have Malware installed in addition to McAfee Total Protection.

2. Tried running MVT three times and kept getting HTTP Error 503 the service is unavailable.

3. Guess support is the only thing left.

I did try a reinstall, and the slowness is still there.

Thanks for your input.

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Level 18

Re: PC Running Extremely Slow

"Malware" - Malwarebytes?

If it's the always-on version there may be some conflict with McAfee.

If it is, try disabling it as an experiment and see what happens to performance.

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