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Only a remark

I was customer since a year.

Now I've tried to prolong my McAfee Abo.

The reason for that is that I've got a letter from customer service. In that letter there is a url:

But that page doesn't exist!

So I've tried to access my account. But I've forgotten my password.

So I click the "forgotten your password" button. But nothing happens, and never I've got an email.

So I've tried to contact the support. I want to use the telephone. The webside tells me, that that will need 10 to 30 minutes.

Sending an email doesn't work, because there is no email-account mentioned on the homepage and email-functionality on the page doesn't work.

So I've logged on to that community. Perhaps there is something reading about the problems customers in germany have.

And perhaps someone is able to help me.

Best regards


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Re: Only a remark

I removed the email part of your forum login name for your protection and security.

How about ?  (b not p)  When I input that it takes me to the German account log-in page.

If the Lost Password doesn't work then you'll have to wait until Monday to contact Customer Service.

They aren't open at weekends and that is why those options aren't available.

On Monday you'll be able to phone them or use the online chat which is much quicker than email.


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