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Online backup ConnectionError3

Hi folks,

any suggestions as to why I get a persitent ConnectionError3 on running the Online Backup over the last month.

The McAfee FAQ unhelpfully says: "ConnectionError3: The Internet connection to the McAfee servers failed. ConnectionError3 can occur during a backup or a restore." It occurs as the Mozy backup tool starts the backup (having completed encoding, etc) and sometimes it does one file only and fails.

I have a 25MB cable broadband. It worked for me up until a month ago. The last change I made around that time was to reinstall my Win XP machine from scratch. I've run the Removal tool and reinstalled.

Any help welcome. Thx, Barnyard.

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Re: Online backup ConnectionError3

Hi there,

Kindly let us know if you have  subscribed for the Unlimited Online back up or the one included in any security suite ?? also let us know the Full computer name in which you receive this error.

Steps to check computer name:

Click Start > Right click on Computer or My Computer

Click on properties

Like the one below;

Computer name.JPG

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Level 7

Re: Online backup ConnectionError3

Hi Jai,

I hope you know how to solve this problem. I have exact the same problem. Last friday a support engineer of McAfee reinstalled my complete McAfee suite (Total protection) and said my girlfriend (she was at home for the remote acces) the problem was solved. When icreate a new online backup this morning (21% of quota) ecaxt the same problem.

My full computername is: ERP2Optimize



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