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Re: No updates - need to reiinstall every week


I had sent you PM. Please reply to the same.


Re: No updates - need to reiinstall every week

@Bramster wrote:

Hi Sarnia,

McAfee worked on my system for an hr. After uninstalling they also ran a few other programms, then reinstalled, but it still did not work, then they ran some more programms and fiddled around. In the end it worked. When I asked what was wrong I got a vague answer, I assume they did not know either.

But I am very thankfull for all their time, effort, and the result. Thank you McAfee !!

Also this forum is ignored by the McAfee Staff on purpose. Their policy is not to help people who post problems here. I would suggest they close down this forum because creating a forum to ignore it is a bit crazy.

Please note the BOLD text


Kind regards