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New updates stop Windows Vista working


I'm not technically minded so I wondered if someone could help?  My laptop keeps trying to update McAfee but when I go to log on the next time it 'freezes' at the first page where I put my password in to load up the computer.  I have gone into safe mode and removed recent intstalls and it then works, until I switch off and it again loads the update.  I can't do that each time!  Any help or suggestions would be great, speak slowly though as I am technologically illiterate :-)

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Re: New updates stop Windows Vista working

Could you post some info about your laptop such as Operating System, Service Pack, Ram, Type of Internet Connection, IE9, or IE8, or Firefox browser.

Perhaps you have some corruption in your McAfee files. Could you try to uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot the laptop. Then go to Useful Links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool and reboot again. Lastly login to your online McAfee account to download and install your software.

Let us know if this resolves your issue.

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