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Need to find McAfee Uninstaller

I was setting up a new version of McAfee Total Protection on my sister's old laptop.  It had an old version of McAfee Security Suite which came as part of the software with the computer.  The new download was supposed to remove the existing McAfee but here was a problem and it didn't quite remove all of the old version.  Now everytime the computer is rebooted there is a error message which states McAffee was not removed you have to click OK to get rid of that message.  It appears that the new version of Total Protection was installed and appears to be working.

I went to Add/Remove and ther was the old version of McAfee Security Suite so I clicked "uninstall" but got a message that it could not find the uninstall file.  After several attemps and reboots, the entry was removed from Add/Remove but the program itself was not removed completely thus the error message each time the compuiter is booted.  I would like ot know where I can find the Mcafee Uninstaller which will remove both the old version of Security Suite and the New Total Protection so I can re-install Total Protection and hopefully get rid of the error message each time the computer is booted.

P.S.  As previously stated this is my sister's computer and she can't find the original discs, so trying to reinstall the old Mcafee then uninstall it is not an option.

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Re: Need to find McAfee Uninstaller

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