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Need help with reinstallation

I had to uninstall my McAfee.  Now when I try to reinstall it tells me there is not enough room even though there is over 100 GB free on my computer.  I can't get to McAfee support because it wants to  download the technician software, but it too says there is not enough room.  HELP!

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Re: Need help with reinstallation

Did you use the MCPR removal tool found under Useful Links at the top of this page? Sometimes when you uninstall some remnants may be left behind and MCPR will clean them out.

I would then suggest you follow the guidelines in this link to install your software

Let us know if this resolves your issue

on 13/04/11 7:39:14 EDT PM
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Re: Need help with reinstallation

Hi caldance,

Do you have two or more partition on your computer(like C: drive, D: drive) ? And let me know if there is enough space on the drive where “Windows” folder appeared.

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Re: Need help with reinstallation

HI   Hi Caldance ,

     Do you still face issues in downloading McAfee programs onto your computer . Plese get back to us with the requested info so as we could help you .


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