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Need help w/Can not Create IDispatch Error & use of Iolo System Mechanic

I was part of the way through a post when I lost everything. So if I am repearting part of a message already out there; forgive me. I am new to the community.

Anyway, I was a Dell XPS M 1330 user when a simple hinge on the computer snapped. The Dell tech came to my home to repair it, but failed to notice that the wires which supply the LCD screen were in the way. You guessed it. Snip. I had no idea what was going to happen as I waited for a new LCD screen; but was shocked when Dell informed me that they no longer make that LCD screen. In return, thye gave me a new Dell XPS 15z with 750G hard Drive, 6G RAM, 15.6 inch widescreen w/full 1080P HD, HDMI out, 3.0 USB ports....I could go on and on. I got very lucky that that Tech screwed up so badly. I THOUGHT ANYWAY! I should also mention that I use Windows 7 Home Preium Edition.

You see, I have been using McAfee forever. I feel it is the best in its class. I am a Comcast ISP subscriber and Comcast offers me NORTON for FREE just becuase I use Comcast. I nver downloaded it and continue to pay for Mcafee and all was good until I bought Iolo System Mechanic. I don't know how the community feels about the program; I personally love it. I feel it is 100X better than CCleaner and THAT IS A GOOD PROGRAM. and I may be going back to it unless some in the community can help me. I have 16 hours of troubleshooting in already (I'M embarrassed to admit!). I keep getting the McAfee error "Can Not Create IDispatch" after using System Mechanic to do ANYTHING whivh involves my registry. I have tried excluding everything I can think off but nothing works. And you will not believe the terrible support from the companies. McAfee tells me straight out to call Dell and tell them that I want to delete System Mechanic and ask for a refund! No kidding. This is what they tell me. Iolo keeps telling me that that they need - from McAfee - the exact registry keys to exclude and that they will take care of the rest and my problem will be fixed. Problem is, McAfee is not giving me the registry keys. I don't know why? Is this some sort of competiton between the two companies? Is there a history I am not aware of? I am just not speaking with the right people?

However, I got to figure that this community is FILLED WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT NO ONE OUT THERE WHO HAS NOT EXPERIENCED THIS VERY SAME MCAFEE/SYSTEM MECHANIC PROBLEM (Forgive the caps, not yelling. Just my way of getting attention).

Am I right? are there people out there who can help me, step by step to exclude the correct keys? I have already excluded the IDispatch keys which I found on the web; but has not had any effect. I have no idea what it going on. I have never had a problem so simple; but some hard to fix! I've lost faith In Iolo and Mcafee to help me. If they have not heped me in 15 hours, how many more hours will it take before they let out the secret. I can not believe the answer is REALLY deleteing System Mechanic and going back to CCleaner. I have two friends who use both programs together and neither exclude anything. The two programs just WORK!


I'D really be grateful if someone stepped up and wrote out step-by-step instructions for makig this work - or possibly a link to a web page where the answer is hidden. Normally, I would not be so lame as to ask for step-by-step instructions; but I have done all I can possibly do with my registry and still feel comfortable. I cant't take any chances with my registry in ways that I don't understnad. I may end up with this great computer being worthless if I screw up the registry. PLEASE?  Anyone?

JD email removed for security reasons

And if you feel that this requires a phone call, I don't mind anyone calling if they honestly trying to help me. Please don't waste time or money if you have not encountered this problem before; nevertheless, I still feel WRITTEN instructions, step-by-step will be much easier to get correct on my machine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who helps me!! Ph removed

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Re: Need help w/Can not Create IDispatch Error & use of Iolo System Mechanic

Yes some registry cleaners can cause this error see this thread especially the following comments

The thread well there are 4 are

HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

The registry entries are


@="CoMcTaskScheduler Class"






@="CoMcTaskScheduler Class"



The fix is here

The reg file lists the registry entries so email that file to Iolo

Of course an uninstall / reinstall will fix it as that re-instates the registry entries. the fix above should work.

You should have asked here in the first place and did a search for word idispatch. Would have saved you time and loss of hair.

on 21/08/11 8:55:47 EDT AM