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Need help, plz.

Dont know if this is the right place, but i have serious problems with my Antivirus plus. I use Chrome as browser and it crashes once at least a day, when playing in Facebooks games like Cityville etc.

As i understand it, Adobe shockwave flash is in the browser but seems like McAfee antivirus plus doesnt approve of it, but jams whole comp, i have to boot comp and restart it, and not even once is enough, but repeatedly.

When i click off McAfee, all works as it should, no crashing, no booting and restarting..? What is this and why is these programs not compatible with Mc Afee?

I have still almost a year of subscription left and id like the product work since ive paid for it.

If this issue cant be repaired i have to get another antivirusprogram, gets on my nerves at this point, been fighting with this now for 3 months.

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Re: Need help, plz.

It shouldn't be happening as we are totally compatible with all Adobe products, assuming your are totally up to date with them and with your operating system and its software?

You may want to try online Technical Support Chat as they are best equipped to troubleshoot such things.

See their link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

What is your operating system and service pack and how much installed memory do you have also what is your motherboard's CPU capacity?  (Intel. I3 at 2ghz..whatever)

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Re: Need help, plz.

I don't think this is anything to do with McAfee. The complaints about Flash causing Google to crash, especially when playing Cityville in Facebook, are all over Facebook and the Google forums. There are one or two suggested fixes in the threads below. See the following -