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Need Help with Error Message

I am trying to reinstall Mcafee since it is not working for some reason. It does this every 3 months. SO I usually uninstall it and then reinstall. This has been going on since 2009 and for some reason has never been resolved. I have system mechanic and have all the hot keys in the exclude section of system mechanic so my stuff does not get wiped out.

So yesterday I noticed that Mcafee was not working so I decided to unistall, but when  download mcafee to install I got the following message

C:\Users\TORAFA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\McAfeeSetup.exe couldnot be opened, because an unknown error occurred.

Can someone please explain this to me

thank you

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Re: Need Help with Error Message

I would suspect system mechanic re the 3 mths issue. Try 3 mths with it uninstalled. The version did not come with firewall and AV did it?

that said I assume you uninstalled via

reboot and run

download mcafeesetup from your account again. It might have been offline or downloaded corrupted

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