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NSM 8.3 Monitoring Port Media Type

Hi, I am upgrading from NSM 7.1 to NSM 8.3. The sensors I am managing are connected via a series of either copper and fibre interfaces, for example, on a pair of monitoring in-line ports 3A utilising fibre, and the corresponding 3B utilising copper.

In NSM 7.1, you have the option to do this, the warning message states "Do you want the interface ports of an in-line port pair to be configured in different copper/fiber SFP combination?" - you can then check 'Yes'.

In NSM 8.3 this is not an option, if you change the media type of a port you get the message " The changes you have made to Port 3A also impact port 3B, so it will be updated too, Are you sure you would like to save the changes to port 3A now?".

Is this a problem with this product or is this the only options we have moving onto NSM 8.3?

Thanks in advance

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