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My computer will not allow me to run a full scan

When I select run full scan, or the scheduled scan run--my computer freezes.

I have Windows 7// McAfee SecurityCenter Ver: 11.0-- last updated 6/22/2012 ( about the last time full scan worked).

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Re: My computer will not allow me to run a full scan

Why have you not updated it? There are 1 patch and 2 version updates since then. I would say the best option after you run Stinger and getsusp and malwarebytes to confrm your PC is cl;ean is to uninstall and reinstall the software.

First those scanners are here

Uninstall via this method

reboot and run

Then reinstall from your account.

Also try when you go to your account change the country to Australia. You should get the new 2012 version.

This all assumes you bought yout Mcafee from a shop or online. If it is a partner supplied 1 install their version.

The above my 1st thought.

Oh 2 warnings

1. When you run getsusp add your email address to teh preferences so Mcafee can update you on anything they found.

2. Remove malwarebytes before you reinstall Mcfee. You can reinstall MWB later.

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