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My McAfee keeps telling me that my computer is not protected!

I then have to click the "Fix" button to resolve this.
I have always thought that McAfee was the right choice
for me after having no end of problems with another vender.
However I am possed with the question that if I am paying for
protection from McAfee then why do i recieve messages stating
that my computer is not protected. I am no computer genius, but
I am sure that the small amount of time that my computer is not
protected is quite enough time for anyone with ill intentions to
gain some sort of control over my pc or at least infiltrate my system.
This leads me to the conclusion that what i am paying for is not being

pop up.bmp

I regularly have a flag pop up prompting me to perform a scan
wich never used to happen, (displayed above) is this intentional
and part of the method that McAfee use to ensure that my pc is kept
protected. Personally i find it annoying as when I want to perform
a scan i will. But back to the main point at hand, why does my status
go from protected to unprotected thus requiring me to click the "Fix"

I have tried requesting support but all i get is a response email.
I have also tried to download the
chat client but that does not seem to work at the moment.

Wow I must really be going about this the wrong way as i have wasted an
entire day so far and got nowhere.

I would really like to put any concerns behind me know so I can get on with some work.

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Re: My McAfee keeps telling me that my computer is not protected!

Hi Zill,

The error message from security center stating that your computer is not protected might be due to various reason like malware infection, incomplete updates or even conflicts with different security software or its remnant.But I do want to inform you that due to this the overall security of the computer should not be impacted.

To diagnose the reason for the error from your security center, could you please provide certain information like;

What is the operating system you use ?

Have you installed any other security software in the computer ?

Please post me with the error message underneath the security center so that we could proceed accordingly.

And regarding the pcture you have posted that is McAfee Security Scan which is a security monitoring program that also keeps track of when the last successful scan took place and tells you if you need any additional protection against malware.


Dinesh K

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Re: My McAfee keeps telling me that my computer is not protected!

Thanks for the reply and apologies for my very belated response to it

I looked around on line and found that others were also questioning this part of McAfee, ie the pop up displayed above. They seem to have picked it up while installing another program so it must have come bundled with something else. I just removed that part of McAfee from my system and have not been prompted to re install it so I figure that it was not really needed in the 1st place and is used more as a marketing tool for people that do not already use McAfee, since then I have not seen the pop up window and things are running nice and smoothly.



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