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My McAfee isn't working properly. Help?

The subscription is good. Internet Security Suite 2009. Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Vista Premium Home Premium.

It updates & scans at least twice a day and several times a day I get a message that's in a red box: "Your Computer is Not Fully Protected."

I have my automatic scans set for once a week. What's going on?

I've run full scans twice in the last week & am not finding any viruses, but my pc is acting "wonky."

SpyBot found nothing, either. But it's "acting" like it has a worm or ... ? Slow to load www pages, unable to open websites (window can not be displayed), stuttering while using the cursor, etc.

I'm sorry I don't know the technical terms. I hope someone can figure out what I'm trying to say.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: My McAfee isn't working properly. Help?


Check the date and time, if it is not correct, correct it and restart the computer

What is the type of Operating system ? ( Windows XP / Windows VISTA / Windows 7 )

What is the type of internet connection ? ( DSL / Dial-up / Cable / Wireless / Satellite )

Open your mcafee, to the right handside you will see fix, below that it will say "click fix to resolve your issues", below that what does it say ?

Click on about in mcafee, and provide the versions of each and every product of mcafee, Also under virus scan you can see DAT version, also provide that ?

If you are getting any unusual popup, let us know that ?

With all the above details get back to us

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